Late Spring Term


At the end of each term, departing students leave written tips for future SACI students. This page contains advice from departing Late Spring Term students.

"Chill out - the Italians have a slower (and probably healthier) pace of life; go to Sicily, Bologna, Naples or Salerno at least once: you can interact with the locals and breathe in a more genuine Italian experience than in the more tourist-packed destinations (Venice and Rome)" T.C. (Late Spring 2013)

“Pack bug spray and your favourite snacks! Definitely go to Piazzale Michelangelo." n.n. (Late Spring 2013)

“Go to Salvini (Via degli Alfani, 111) for supplies: they have a 10% discount for students and are open during lunch time." M.H. (Late Spring 2013)

“Expect to spend more than you think, and pack an outfit for several types of seasonal weather." R.R. (Late Spring 2013)

“Don't be afraid of getting lost and trying new things: Florence is a friendly city." n.n. (Late Spring 2013)

“Be polite and respectful: respect the local culture." J.K. (Late Spring 2013)

“Try to shop at places off the main tourist routes. When the summer season hits, the prices go up." J.L. (Late Spring 2013)

“Women - dress lady-like; do not bring short cut-off shorts, and always carry a cardigan or a scarf for entering churches." n.n. (Late Spring 2013)

“Visit the SACI library: it is great!" n.n. (Late Spring 2013)

“Always have a map of where you are and where you're going. Try to get behind the scenes and away from the tourist routes by talking to locals." C.E. (Late Spring 2013)

“Be careful when making impulsive purchases. The small amounts of euros add up quickly!" n.n. (Late Spring 2013)

“Plan to spend more money on food than you’re used to.” n.n. (Late Spring 2012)

“Get your photo supplies once you're in Florence.” K.O. (Late Spring 2012)

“Go to less touristy areas to eat. The food is cheaper and better. The waiters might not speak English and the menu might be in Italian, but it is worth it.” R.P. (Late Spring 2012)

“Bring a backpack for day trips. Don't wait until the last minute to buy train tickets.” J.S. (Late Spring 2012)

“Bring bug spray and cough drops, they’re expensive here.” n.n. (Late Spring 2012)

“Zecchi’s (art supplies) is awesome. If you get cash from ATMs, take out as much as you can at a time. My banks at home charged $5 on top of the €2.50 ATM fee.” n.n. (Late Spring 2012)

Piazza della Signoria“Invest in some really comfortable, thick-soled shoes. Go to the corner of Piazza della Signoria at 10 pm every night for some great music and a cool way to meet people. You can almost always reduce the price of a souvenir by 10-20% if you haggle.” R.M. (Late Spring 2012)

“De Herbore (Via Proconsolo 43/r) has a variety of herbs, natural foods, sugar-free and macrobiotic foods, and natural body care products.” L.K. (Late Spring 2012)

“Go out as much as possible. Be aware, but don’t be afraid.” M.B. (Late Spring 2012)

“Don’t wait until the last minute to write your papers.” n.n. (Late Spring 2012)

“I wish I had known ahead of time that shampoo, soap, and converters can all be bought here.” S.H. (Late Spring 2012)

“Don’t walk around alone after 10 pm. It’s also very important to get some kind of phone while you are here for security reasons.” K.F. (Late Spring 2012)

“Have gelato (ice cream) once a day because it will cool you off when it’s hot.” n.n. (Late Spring 2011)

“Shop at the Central Market.” C.S. (Late Spring 2011)

“The restaurant Ciro & Sons near SACI has gluten free pasta and pizza.” n.n. (Late Spring 2011)